Tincture Private Label Program

Hemp and CBD is currently one of the most explosive growth industry in the world and Focus Hemp Co is here to help you capitalize on it! Focus on selling and marketing, while letting us build you competitive, high-quality CBD products that are attractive and compliant. Driven by quality and compliance, Focus Hemp Co is currently building products for various nationally distributed brands and yours can be next! Whether you are a farmer, wholesaler or retailer we can help you design and build a brand that will bring your dreams to a reality, while growing your profitability.

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Why should I private label with Focus Hemp Co?

Why sell someone else’s brand when you can sell your own? Especially if your products are higher quality and builds credibility for your business. Private labeling is a proven business model that has allowed savvy business owners to flourish with higher profit margins and increased marketing scope. Allow us to work with you collaboratively to build your product while you are focused on growing the brand. You maintain control over the process while avoiding the risks, the development and startup costs. Lean on our proven formulas and processes to increase your margins without ever sacrificing the quality.

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How it Works

At Focus Hemp Co we offer two customizable routes for our clients to bring products to market:

  • Option 1: Focus Blends.
    Choose from a selection of standardized formula flavors and scents that can be deployed quickly and cost effectively.
  • Option 2: Customized Products.
    Take a deeper dive in to the creation of your product and customize everything from the essentials of the formula to every aspect of the package and label.
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How Do I Get Started?

  • Call us today to learn more.


  • Setup a FREE consultation with our team.


  • Understand all your options.


  • Determine the best path forward.


  • Make your custom selections.


  • Work collaboratively with our R&D team.


  • Sell your products nationally.


  • Easy and tailored reordering

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Interested in private label development?

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