Pets love CBD hemp oil

CBD for Pets

Did you know that full spectrum hemp oil is not only beneficial for humans, but can also be valuable to your pet struggling with chronic health issues? Just like the endocannabinoid system that operates inside of you and me, our furry companions possess the same type of system that helps to regulate some of their most vital physiological processes. Nowadays, pet owners are bringing home CBD tinctures and flavored treats to help ease their dog’s anxiety and their cat’s digestive issues. By taking the recommended dose of our Companion Care tincture, pets can reap the same health benefits that humans do from our full spectrum hemp oil products.

What are some common uses of CBD for pets?

Full spectrum hemp oil has a wide range of benefits, and has been most notably known to help pets with:

  • Severe Anxiety

  • Chronic Pain & Inflammation

  • Seizure Disorders (especially in dogs)

  • Sleep

  • Gastrointestinal Problems

  • Old Age

  • Appetite

  • Neurological Disorders

  • Mobility & Joint Stiffness

But is CBD safe for pets?

Yes! Not only is hemp-based CBD safe for your dog, cat, or other domesticated house pet but it is completely legal as well! The trace amounts of THC in our full spectrum hemp oils fall below the maximum levels permitted by federal regulations, so you don’t have to worry about your pet getting “high” or feeling intoxicated.

However, some studies have shown that due to the higher concentration of cannabinoid receptors present in a dog’s brain in comparison to other animals, it makes them more susceptible to a THC overdose. In rare cases, when exposed to high levels of THC, dogs can experience a phenomenon known as static ataxia – a temporary neurological impairment. But, as long as full spectrum hemp oil products are used safely and as recommended, dog owners don’t have to fret.

How do I administer?

The easiest way to administer Focus Hemp Co. Companion Care tincture is orally. So, you simply follow the recommended dosage and either drop the hemp oil directly onto your pet’s food or right into their mouth. You can also place drops of the tincture onto a flavored pet treat and administer the dose that way as well.

Pet CBD dosage chart

Be cautious of other hemp-based CBD tinctures on the market that don’t provide consumers with their product’s test results. Your pet deserves the very best, especially when it comes down to their health, so make sure you’re giving them a full spectrum hemp oil, like our Companion Care tincture, that is filled with only the best all natural ingredients.