Do you need relief
from headaches and swelling?

Focus Hemp Co products were created to subdue the discomfort and soreness associated with inflammation.

CBD & Other cannabinoids found in full spectrum oil have been found to help with:

  • Inflammation

  • Headaches

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How CBD & Other Cannabinoids
Affect Headaches & Inflammation

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Inflammation is a natural immune response of the body, but injury or infection can trigger a much larger and more painful problem. Headaches and other chronic pain can also be attributed to issues
with inflammation.

CBD and other cannabinoids interact with the body’s endocannabinoids, and promotes balance within the immune system.

We designed Focus products with natural herbal ingredients and essential oils to complement the cannabinoids that provide relief from headaches and swelling.

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The Focus cannabinoid spectrum
For Soothe

At Focus Hemp Co, we promote robust Full Spectrum Oil! In general, full spectrum oil contains the most abundant quantity of cannabinoids, essential oils (terpenes), amino acids, fats, lipids, and chlorophyll. Understand the full spectrum and how all of the cannabinoids affect the body!

Want to
Soothe your Pain & inflammation?

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Some effects of headaches and swelling are brought on by other, stronger symptoms.

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