Do you need a
Reprieve from chronic pain?

We offer Focus Hemp Co products to help provide physical comfort and relieve pain, so you can feel like yourself again.

CBD & Other cannabinoids found in full spectrum oil have been found to help with:

  • Pain Relief

  • Back Pain

  • Nerve Pain

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How CBD & Other Cannabinoids
Affect Chronic Pain

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Persistent back and nerve pain are usually the result of injury, trauma, illness, and nervous or immune system deficiency. Pain is experienced through pain receptors and nerve endings that send signals to the brain. Sometimes these nerve endings can become pinched or damaged, which causes them to send a constant pain message to the brain.

CBD and other cannabinoids are able to influence the body’s own pain management system by accessing pain receptors in the nervous system.

We carefully select ingredients to compliment the cannabinoids that reduce pain intensity and soothe the body.

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The Focus cannabinoid spectrum
For Aid

At Focus Hemp Co, we promote robust Full Spectrum Oil! In general, full spectrum oil contains the most abundant quantity of cannabinoids, essential oils (terpenes), amino acids, fats, lipids, and chlorophyll. Understand the full spectrum and how all of the cannabinoids affect the body!

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Some effects of chronic pain are brought on by other, stronger symptoms.

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